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    Yahoo for new Canterbury
    Web Directory!

    - Dagny - 13/11/97

    Plain Communications Ltd has introduced another new Internet service.
    An innovative and time-saving service for local Internet navigation came on-line on November 4. "Canterbury Net" is a dynamic new resource for people looking for information about Canterbury businesses, services, and organisations on the World Wide Web. It is a structured index that will give people easy access to the existing online resources in Canterbury.

    This directory, the first of its kind in New Zealand, has been implemented by Plain Communications Ltd. The company has been operating in Canterbury for over three years and is the creator of CyberMall New Zealand, CyberXpress, and NZine. Previously, there has been no comprehensive central site on the Web for the major online resources of this region. Canterbury Net provides a much-needed focus point, a place from where these resources can be easily reached.

    Canterbury Net has an exciting and easy-to-navigate layout with stylish graphics. The site has an interactive guestbook, a fun survey, and a page where you can read about what prominent Cantabrians think about their region. Another first on the site is a live Web Cam overlooking Christchurch that is updated every 60 seconds.

    Canterbury Net has been designed using a similar formula to Yahoo!, the Internet's most successful Web Directory. Its creators have done a thorough job of finding online content and representing Canterbury interests on the Web. This is a progressive site that highlights the region and promotes its interests.

    Any new local sites also have the opportunity to be represented on Canterbury Net free of charge, by simply completing a form on the Web site.

    Who will use Canterbury Net?
    Canterbury Net is indispensable for anyone who is looking for information about the region's commercial, academic, cultural, local body, tourism, and recreational resources. Whether you're a local Cantabrian planning to do some Internet shopping, or an international traveller trying to find a place to stay, Canterbury Net is the map that you need.

    Immediate success
    In the first two weeks of operation Canterbury Net has proved its popularity with over 5000 visitors and has had dozens of new sites added by Cantabrian Web site owners.

    Visit Canterbury Net...

    Published with permission from NZine